Hating On Our Past Selves is SO Over

I just realized something!

When I dunk on my past self, all I am doing is perpetuating the self-hatred I held back then!

I joke sometimes about how I must have been a real "pill" or a "challenge" in high school, and have sometimes marvelled that people stayed friends with me.

I base these statements on facts like that I was pretty into Evangelical Christianity and I tried to convert my non-Christian friends at most sleepovers. Or my general hyperactivity. Or the fact that it kind of took me a while to realize that if I could see my period-stained underwear when I sat cross-legged in my shorts, then everyone else could see it too.


Focusing on those things and saying things like, "I can't believe I even had friends" just means I believe all the terrible things I believed about myself back then! It says that I was, indeed, lame and unloveable and I just managed to somehow turn it around and gain some worth as an adult???

That's malarky!

The fact is that as a teenager I may have been zealous and loud and sometimes not grasping what people were physically seeing when they looked at me, but I was also fun and smart and engaged and creative and willing to step out and be different and those are pretty effing cool traits, too.

So I'm not going to join in with Former Andrea's self-hatred by talking about her as if she was the worst. She was great!

Will you join me? Let's all love on our past selves!!!!

An animated gif video of a little girl holding a mug, saying, "I don't care if you like me, I love me."

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