It's Just That It's Creepy

You know how sometimes you see a piece of art and think, "wow, that's gorgeous, I want to see more of that artist's stuff" so you go to their website or Instagram page and then you see that it's just a grown man painting beautiful women over and over and over again, sometimes with their boobs out, and it starts to feel a little... weird? (Weirder still: when it's essentially the same woman over and over again, maybe with slightly different hair or skin tone but also maybe she looks exactly the same from image to image.)

Seriously though, is this just me? I feel genuinely skeeved out when an artist's entire catalogue is just beautiful women with different outfits. It's the same kind of discomfort I feel when a 30+ year-old man says anything about the kinds of "girls" he likes in his online dating profile.

Do I need to dial down the feminism?

An image with the text "dial down the feminism" at the top and below a dial with "complicit in my own dehumanisation" at one end and "raging feminist" at the other
Alex Bertulis-Fernandes

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