This Week's Gratitude & Delight Roundup

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This week I have been grateful for

Getting my closet slightly more organized as I make plans to redo the whole thing because it gives me a sense of control.

Saying hello to my nephew over video chat and seeing his GIANT smile (like, huge, I don't know if his mouth is big or what, but it takes up half his face) because I love that kiddo.

Having friends who I can unpack complicated things with because I don't get stuck in my own brain and it feels like we're in it together.

Video chats with the kinds of friends who are so close and comfortable that it ALMOST feels like we're in the same room because I don't feel so alone.

Standing in the sunshine because it is fresh and bright and alive.

Being able to give someone something they requested because I got to help them AND clear some unused stuff out of my home.

Bending over, saying "oof" and then realizing my body didn't actually FEEL oofy! Because bodies not hurting is better.

Gertie making a point of curling up with me or reaching out as if she is trying to hug me because it feels like love.

A friend and a neighbour to get my bag back because they both went out of their way to help me.

This Week's Delight:
- My dad calling someone a dipstick
- A TikTok video about potatoes that made me laugh so so hard
- Putting Bernie into the Friendly Giant set.

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