GameStop and Scott Galloway and Bad Takes and (you guessed it) The Patriarchy

The GameStop thing. On Wednesday, I had a busy day and in the afternoon, when I peeked at Twitter, everyone was talking about it. I had never even HEARD of GameStop and before I read anything to understand it, I saw this tweet and already knew it was a bad take:

I, like my fave infectious disease researcher Laurel Bristow, think of the stock market as "astrology for bros" (note: being a bro is more of an ethos than a gender identity, so women can also be bros). Because of this I don't care about this GameStop thing beyond enjoying seeing some underdogs take down some smug capitalist overlords.

What I DO care about is prominent people who are seen as smart and authoritative explaining away "bad male behaviour" (is this bad male behaviour? Or just PEOPLE--men and women--playing the game the way their opponents do?) with lack of access to sex. Which always really means access to WOMEN, because even though he doesn't specify these are straight men, I've seen this narrative enough to know that he hasn't even considered that some men have sex with other men in this equation.

It's just... STOP IT.

Setting aside his ridiculous assumption that this is being driven solely by single men who have no "guardrails" on their lives, he is giving his fellow men ZERO credit or agency over their own lives.


Believe it or not, I know actual human men who (gasp!) will avoid getting into fights and throwing all their money away, even without a sexual partner to nag them into responsibility, because they actually VALUE themselves, their lives, and their communities. (BIGGER GASP!)

A bored/angry young man is only "the most dangerous person in the world" if his social system has completely neglected his emotional and relational health (note: not sex, but relationships, you know those things where people care about each other? Even without orgasms?) while telling him certain things (sex, money) can replace feelings and meaningful community.

If a man in this situation feels he has nothing and ALSO believes he is entitled to things and ALSO believes that the things he is entitled to are being withheld from him, then yeah. He's dangerous AF. Guess what might tell him all that? Sing it with me: toxic patriarchal masculinityyyyyyyyyy. Guess what system we need to change to help set this sad and angry man free? Let's sing again: the patriarchyyyyyy!

Oh! And the gall. THE GALL! Of his "(enough)" caveat. It's not even that they need to get sex, but they need to get ENOUGH sex. So shame on you if you don't give your man whatever he deems to be ENOUGH sex because he must meet a certain threshold of sexual encounters to activate the guardrails around his desire to burn down his own life!!!

If Scott Galloway is right, then guess what? So are the women who say "all men are trash." Because this is a MAN telling us with his own little twitter-typing fingers that if men don't get enough sex they'll very reasonably turn into godzilla and smash everything good in their lives. Which is trash.

An animated gif clip from the movie Toy Story where Buzz Lightyear, an astronaut toy, says, "there seem to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere."

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