Surviving the September Scaries

Is this a picture of a girl trying to stop a little boy from getting books?
That's confusing.
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September is officially over. I am both happy and sad about this. September is a tricky month for me.

On one hand, it's my birthday month! That makes it just the best. I'm always excited for the beginning of September, and if it is mentioned in casual conversation I feel a flutter of excitement. September! It's my month!

On the other hand, my birthday is near the start of the month and then it's over and then slowly people stop giving me presents and then it's the beginning of fall. The beginning of darkness. The beginning of the metaphorical, and also literal, death of the world. (I have shared my feelings on autumn in the past.)

Apparently, if I lived somewhere else with what people call "proper seasons" and it didn't just rain from September to May, I would be excited for fall, but I'm not. Instead I just get kind of glum and want to stay in bed because I know it's only going to get worse from here. Right now, things are kind of dying and summer is clearly over. Then October hits and it's fun because of Thanksgiving and Halloween. Then it's November. NOVEMBER is the worst month, and it's staring at me just over the horizon and I know it's inevitable and why fight it?

Maybe I should succumb. Maybe I should start creating seasonal versions of myself:

In the fall, I'll sleep in late, never exercise, and slump through doing the bare minimum of life. I will listen to Fiona Apple's Pale September on repeat. It is a huge downer.

In winter, I'll get really into Christmas and have a flurry of productivity where I am baking and decorating and enjoying a wonderful excuse to drink wine every day.

In spring, I'll be like a recovering vampire that is rehabilitating to normal human life, squinting at the slowly-emerging sun and waking up (mostly) when I'm supposed to. I will start to follow through on commitments and exercise in the mornings.


Not sure when I'll actually get my job done in all this - probably for a couple of weeks in spring.

In the meantime, yesterday I hugged the therapeutic happy light I keep at work to absorb more of its energy. It kind of worked!

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