Learning! Roundup: Batman gets things done, all the biases, respecting native cultures, and more!

Photo credit: Banjo Brown via Foter.com / CC BY

Batman Gets Things Done

Kids who have to do boring jobs focus better if they pretend they're Batman while doing them. Do you think this would work for adults too? Is Batman into data entry?


I love Cognitive Biases! They're pretty much one of the funnest psychological concepts out there because they mess with our behaviour so much. Here are all the cognitive biases.

Respecting Native Cultures

Here's a great round up of 21 things you can do to be more respectful of Native American cultures. It's a pretty great series.

An Octopus Garden

Did you know that octopi have built a city underwater? THERE IS AN OCTOPUS CITY!!! Kind of cool.

Beer Storage

Did you know beer can go bad if you don't store it right? I did not.

Biological Sex Differences?

Some recent research on monkeys has revealed some differences between the sexes independent of the influence of a patriarchal human society.

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