Learning! Roundup: How to fake playing the piano, dealing with sexual harassment as it happens, reducing gun deaths, and more!

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How to Fake Playing the Piano

I have a piano in my home, and I barely know anything about playing it. But I really want to learn! And now, here's a great lesson to get started learning how to make up tunes and play by ear. I can't wait!

Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Moment

It bums me out entirely that this even needs to be a thing, but I know that I could use this advice: how to deal with sexual harassment while it's happening. It's a useful guide to what to do when you are being sexually harassed to stand up for yourself. The biggest downer in the guide is that we're safer assuming that it WILL happen to us (which we know is true, but we'd rather wasn't) and so it's better to be ready for it.

Waiting Periods for Guns

Turns out that (no surprise), waiting periods for gun purchases actually do reduce gun deaths. Even a couple of days can take people from "I'm pissed and going to buy a gun now to make my point", to "maybe I shouldn't shoot that person."

How to Communicate with Deaf People Without Sign Language

I would like to be a better person, and one of the ways I would like to do that is by learning sign language. However, for now I don't and I may encounter deaf people I need to communicate with. You might to. Here is a nice guide on how to communicate with deaf people if you don't know sign language.

If You Get Shot, Don't Wait for the Ambulance

New research shows that gunshot and stabbing victims who are brought to the hospital in private vehicles have lower fatality rates than those brought to the hospital in ambulances. It's a 62% difference, which is pretty significant. So if you ever need to get someone to the hospital, maybe don't wait for the ambulance.

Drinking and Language

Here's something anyone who did an exchange in university knows: drinking alcohol improves your ability to speak foreign languages. (Not too much though, those slurred words don't sound like any language.)

Lady Bonobos Run the Show

Bonobos are one of our closest primate relatives, and often used as examples of how peaceful and wonderful humans can be. Here's a twist, though: female bonobos are not only in charge, but they are fierce. They band together and randomly attack men to seize power. They withhold food for sex. They are kind of brutal forces. So.... there's something to think about.

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