Instantly improve your mornings! There is a secret and I found it!

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A few months ago I switched up my morning routine, and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I used to wake up, work out, get dressed/eat breakfast/etc, and then sit down to an hour of writing time before I took off to work.

It was fine as far as mornings go, but guess how easy it is to sleep in when you're waking up early in order to force yourself to do jumping lunges in your living room? Guess how easy it is to lose your precious writing time to an early meeting or dentist appointment? EXACTLY.

Suddenly I realized something very obvious: I could change the order and 8do the most important thing first. For me, the most important thing is writing, and that also just so happens to (usually) be my favourite thing. How convenient!

I started to get up and sit down to writing time first thing, and my mornings instantly improved.

This is my new reality:

1) I want to get up, even when I don't want to get up, because I want to write.

2) Working out is way easier because I am already awake and have consumed some tea before I get to those stupid jumping lunges.

3) I never lose writing time to other morning obligations anymore.

Not only is it a gentler start to the day, which is just plain nice, but it helps me actually do the things I want to do in life.


(PS: This kind of fits in perfectly with that whole 'prioritizing life' thing. It's almost as if I'm actively working on that right now.)

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