Awesome Award: Beyoncé's Girls

It's time for another Awesome Award! I just watched Beyoncé's Freedom video made for the International Day of the Girl. OBVIOUSLY Beyoncé is the queen of everything, but DANG! These girls! I cried watching them.

Names: Delanee Kilgore, Gabriella Castillo, Ellie Kerai, Brielle Olaleye, Annelle Olaleye, Faryat Fahad, Jazmyn Dorsey, Marilyn Espinoza, Payton Ali, and Giana Rice. AKA: BEYONCE'S GIRLS.

Award Title: For Displaying Truly Outstanding Moves, Inspirational Confidence, Righteous Anger, and Strength While Dancing Their Hearts Out.

First of all, I LOVE that little girls can learn to dance like this now! When I was a kid my choices were ballet, tap, and jazz. Now girls can be FIERCE instead of just delicate. (Don't get me wrong, I love ballet, but I LOVE this.)

Second, I know these girls didn't make up the dances and didn't ask Beyoncé to make this video, but they rock it so hard. The passion that they display, not only in their physical presence, but as they stare the camera down and sing along is practically a spiritual experience. It makes me feel angry, sad, hopeful, powerful, and scared all at once.

I want to be these girls when I grow up.

Special shout out to the choreography team: Lamar Lee, Ellenore Scott, Rhea T-W, Gabriella Sibeko, Heather Liposky

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