Learning! Roundup: Live near trees, more evidence for the 'isms', get a better night's sleep, and more!

Some people live with this in their backyard.
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The Health Benefits of Living Near Trees

New research shows that living near a forest is good for your amygdala, which is the small but mighty region in your brain responsible for emotional regulate.

More On Sexism in Education

The headline on the article about this study says Wharton Study Shows the Shocking Result When Women and Minorities Email Their Professor. Before clicking the link I guessed that it has something to do with getting less responses, less fulsome responses, more condescending responses, and less invitations for meetings or other enriching things. Basically, that they get taken less seriously. BLAMMO! I was right! Women and minorities get less responses, and less positive responses, from their professors. Not shocking, just a sad reality.

More On Racism in the World

Nikole Hannah-Jones recently won the MacArthur Grant for her work, much of which focuses on looking at systemic racism. Here are some of her lessons about segregation in homes and schools.

Viktor Frankl For the Win!

Viktor Frankl is one of my favourite psychologists and authors. He wrote Man's Search for Meaning, about the vital importance of having a sense of purpose or meaning in your life. Well, new research shows that people who have a sense of purpose in life get a better night's sleep.

Seven Ways to Stand Up to Sexual Harassment

It's a sad, sad state of the world that we're still giving advice on what to do if you are a victim or witness to harassment instead of investing on ways to stop people from harassing, but there it is. This article provides seven evidence-based ways to stop sexual harassment that are safe.

Loneliness and Self-Centredness

I remember in church growing up being told that low self-esteem was a form of pride because God created us all and loved us, so if we thought we weren't worthy of love we were saying we were some kind of exception to God's rule. How terrible! While that line of thinking served only to make me feel worse about myself than I already did, turns out it's got a ring of truth to it. Sort of. A ten-year study shows that loneliness leads to more self-centred thinking in people.

The Appeal of Physical Things

When we buy things, we still prefer to buy something physical over a digital version. Why? Perhaps because we see physical things as extensions of ourselves.

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