HOLD THE PHONE: There's a new Doctor, and she's a LADY!!!!

Jodie Whittaker named the 13th Doctor in Doctor Who! Cue the excitement!!!!

Guys. I love Doctor Who.

I mean, I haven't watched it in a couple of years because the stories got a little too twisty-turned in on themselves and Clara was... less than interesting, but I keep meaning to get back into it and now I have a really really good reason to jump back on board: THEY HAVE ANNOUNCED THE NEW DOCTOR AND IT'S JODIE WHITTAKER.

You may know Jodie Whittaker as Danny's Mum in Broadchurch. I can't WAIT to see what she does with the role.

If you, also, are excited about this, or at least no more apprehensive than you are about all the "new Doctor" announcements, because you aren't a sexist turd, do yourself a favour and don't read any of the comments on any of the news stories about this. I don't know WHY I did, but I was treated to a bunch of men AND WOMEN saying "If she's crap, don't say I didn't warn you", "Boo on the BBC for shoving political correctness down our throats", and "I don't even know how I feel about female doctors in real life, let alone on a TV show." (UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!)

Excuse me while I rip my hair out, chant "there is no use in trying to change their minds, logic will not work, move on with your life" over and over again, and then go binge all the Doctor Who stuff I missed for the past couple of years.

One thing I will say: I am often wary of "girl versions" of popular male-centred entertainment. For example, I thoroughly loved the all-female Ghostbusters, but kind of wish they had just made a sweet female-cast ghost-fighting comedy instead of redoing an old story. It naturally puts us in a "girls against boys" situation where people can't help but compare and to me that's not the point. HOWEVER, on a series like this where the whole concept is that the lead character is played by different actors over time, it's completely different. Unless there is a good reason, this lead character should be played by as diverse a group of actors as possible. Why? BECAUSE THE SHOW WILL BE BETTER! You'll have more opportunities for different styles of comedy, drama, and action, and if the whole idea is that they change every so often, then why make them only change within a tiny subset of humanity? All this to say, hoorah for a woman as The Doctor, and hopefully the next one won't be white.

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