Learning! Roundup: Save your marriage with cute animals, pow wow season, emotional labour, VR and racial bias, and Parkinson's research!

Learning roundup! How to be an ally during pow wow season, emotional labour comics, and more
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Marital Satisfaction and Adorable Animals

Save your marriage by looking at cute animals! It's true: science said so. Okay, it's a little more complex than that. Basically, they created Pavlovian responses by pairing pictures of adorable animals with pictures or peoples' spouses, causing them to associate the warm-fuzzies from looking at the animals with their spouses.

How to be an Ally During Pow Wow Season

In much of Canada, it's pow wow season. Here's a great article from the CBC about how to be an ally and appreciate the festivities during this time. It's almost ridiculous, because basically it boils down to respecting it as a religious ceremony and listening to what you are told to do at the event. Shouldn't be rocket science (we all have a pretty basic sense of how to be respectful in church, right? We wouldn't run around, take pictures, and yell commentary during an Easter service?)

You Should've Asked - Understanding Emotional Labour

Sometimes I read about emotional labour and then I feel all sorts of frustrations. If you don't know or understand what this is, here is a great comic that sums up one element of emotional labour: the work that's done to manage a household.

VR Studies of Racial Bias

Researchers are using virtual reality to better understand our racial biases. In this study, they had white participants wear full body-tracking VR suits and assigned them a VR avatar that was either black and white to see how they interacted with another VR person (also black or white). They found that, while people always mimicked the body posture of their VR "buddy", they did it more when they were matched on race.


There is new evidence that Parkinson's may be an autoimmune disorder, which will help big-time with finding cures!

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