Inspiration! Roundup: Protest princesses get real, AI art, Pippi Longstocking, and more!

Sunset Spectrum by Matt Molloy on
This week's "I want to go to there":
This photo stacks 100 sunsets on top of each other, creating the most stunning, painterly sky.
Can I live under it?
Photo by Matt Malloy

Protest Princesses Get Real

Amanda Niday's picture of Disney Princesses as protesters, created for the Women's March on Washington went pretty viral at the time. So what did she do? She made it real, with real women. I love it so so so much! Check out Niday's Tumblr and Society6 shop, because she is great.

Amanda Niday

Artificial Art?

I can't decide if I'm inspired or terrified by this: there are artificial intelligence programs that can now make stunning, novel paintings. I mean, good job to the people who made it, and good job to the art, and oh dear me to the human artists.

A Good Reminder

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Gravity Light

The ingenuity of human brains is always pretty amazing. When trying to solve the problem of having a safe, cheap, and effective light source for people in developing countries, Jim Reeves and Martin Biddeford invented a light that is powered by gravity. GRAVITY! It is 100% free forever after it is purchased, doesn't require kerosene or electricity. It's basically magic.

Life with a Cephalopod

A Disney artist created a little series imagining life with a pet octopus. It's adorable and fun and makes me want a pet octopus. Which is entirely the point, I'm sure. See the whole series here.

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Dance or Die

Syrian dancer Ahmad Joudeh has created a video series to fight the war in his own way. It's not a dance-off, it's much much better.

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