Avocados: they're a trap!

Avocados are sneaky! They are way higher in calories than you might ever predict.
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Guys. Avocados. They're a trick. A trap. A tricky trap!

That's right! The millennial, health-conscious, hipster SAVIOUR of foodstuffs! The magic ingredient in pretty much every paleo, keto, and vegan dish! The instagram-ready toast topping! They are a trick!


They. Have. Calories. CALORIES!!!

Did you know that?

Okay, so obviously avocados have calories, but I mean the Have Calories. Like, a weighty amount of calories.

So... let's just say that you have noticed that your sweatpants have become unusually form-fitting against your thighs and your shorts from last summer are just a liiiiiiiittle too tight. Let's just say that this kind of thing happens enough that it is no longer an anomaly of one particular item of clothing, but a reality of your changing body.

Let's also say that you don't really fancy buying a whole new set of clothes, and instead would rather go the cheaper route of investigating the cause of this newfound body padding.

Then let's just say that your diet hasn't really changed much except for the fact that you started adding avocados to things. Throw an avocado on your breakfast eggs! Add some avocado to that salad! Mix some avocado into that smoothie! It's healthy fat and it tastes good! It adds nice texture! It's great!

No problem, one avocado just adds 300-400 calories. Just enough to more-or-less double the calorie count of your breakfast without you realizing it. That's A LOT of calories for one little piece of fruit!

So if you're wondering how much damage a measly avocado could do, the answer is, a comfortably-fitting summer wardrobe's worth of damage.

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