More proof that marketing works, and we have stupid psychology to blame.

We are in a kind of golden age for marketers. Thanks to the internet, you can pick a target market and reach them again and again and again with your message.

So, that can be annoying. But does it really work?

Ohhhhhh yes.

Case in Point: Leaf by Bellabeat. It's a health tracker for women, and I see ads for it CONSTANTLY.

Screenshot of the Leaf ad that stalks me

The first time I saw the ad, I thought, "oh that's kind of cute, but I have no need for it." I know some people are really into monitoring their activity and sleep and everything else, but I kind of don't care that much.

That's fine! I saw the ad, said, "thanks, but no thanks," and then moved on with my life.

Except then I kept seeing the ad. Over and over and over. With all those beautiful photos of the cool-looking health tracker, the Leaf started to look more attractive to me.

More than once, I have clicked through to the website and browsed the various product designs. Why? For nothing. For no good reason except that repeated exposure to the product made me like it more. It's stupid psychology all over again: the more familiar something is, the more we like it, and with the cheapness of online marketing things can become reallllllly familiar.

Last night I did it again. I saw an ad for Leaf and almost freaking bought one! I only just barely stopped myself in two ways: 1) I just bought boots online that I was ridiculously excited about that turned out to totally disappoint me, so I'm a bit gun shy for online purchasing of wearables, and 2) I forced myself to look through the features of the tracker and reminded myself that I will do NOTHING with the information it provides.

So be on your guard! When that product you previously didn't care about starts catching your eye after your millionth ad impression, be wary! Ask yourself WHY and save yourself!

(Also, I have JUST remembered that you can block specific ads on FB pretty easily, so there's also that line of defence. Employ it with me!!!!)

PS: I have nothing against Leaf as a product. If you're into health trackers, great! Go forth and track. I also don't need Thinx period panties thanks to my sweet IUD, but I see those ads constantly and keep almost buying them too. BLOCK!

PPS: I wrote this post a few days ago. Since then I have not seen ads for Leaf or Thinx and thus have almost bought them ZERO times! Blocking ads works! Life hack! And bonus, now they are only spending their marketing funds showing the ad to people who mighta actually want their product.

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