Inspiration! Roundup: A brain full of lights, actions speak louder than words, rest up, and more!

This week's "I want to go to there": I just spent the weekend at my cousin's cabin on a lake, and now
I'm dreaming about this whole "recreational property" thing. (Key word: dreaming.)
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Light Up Your Brain

Neuroscientist Greg Dunn wanted to refresh his work and inspire others to admire the wonder of the brain. So he created this stunning piece of art, illustrating the brain's neural connections through LED lights.

r u a bunny?

Artist Del Kathryn Barton has a new series of paintings called r u a bunny? that gloriously explores femininity.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
“I can ignore what you’re saying, and just look at your actions. Our actions always reveal our real values.”
Read Derek Sivers' article on the day he learned what his values really were.

A New Kind of Air Conditioning

Did you hear about this company that made air conditioners by screwing bottles into a plastic board? It's really cool! (Haha, see what I did there?)

Take a Break

Photo of Banksy artwork uploaded by bigp3rm

This little reminder has been coming up a lot in my life lately. Most frequently (believe it or not) through my workouts. I've been doing online HITT videos, and they always suggest resting instead of quitting when you're tired. It never occurred to me to take that advice outside of my workouts until this moment (because, genius)!

Rest Up

Speaking of rest, here's a really great article on incorporating more rest into your day in order to increase productivity. This is based on the sports principle of stress + rest = growth.
"Growth for a nonathlete is working toward one's full potential in expressing your best self and feeling good about it--. to know that you're pushing in a direction that is fulfilling, makes you feel good, and makes you feel like you're working at your best."
Drift Racing in the Occupied West Bank

Here's a mini-documentary about an all-female drift-racing team in Palestine. These ladies are kicking some butt, and it's awesome to see!

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