This mini-post is about mini-posts

Here's something: I was recently going through some old posts, and as I chuckled at the stuff I used to write (it's okay to think you're funny, right? Or to think that you used to be funny? I'm allowed to appreciate my own writing, aren't I?????), I realized something: I used to write a lot of little, one-off, observational-type posts. It was fun! I thought they were funny and I still do!

I don't really do that anymore.

So then I thought, 'Hey, I should do that more. It was fun. I'll make a little image to go with my little quickie posts.'

In a flash of genius, I decided to call them "mini-posts" and use a post-it for the image (because post-its are basically mini posts! Get it? HILARIOUS!)

So I drew this, complete with a little doodle of my curly-haired self peaking out the bottom of the note.

I realized two things:

1) This is a terrible, boring image.

2) My hair is giving us all the finger.


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