Three romantic comedies that ruined my relationships

Movies are fun. There is even research saying that couples benefit from watching romantic movies together. That may be true, but there are three romantic comedies that have ruined relationships for me.

Let me tell you more.

Away We Go

What a beautiful portrayal of a couple that loves each other in an incredibly simple, real way. They don't know what's going on with their lives, but they know that they want to figure it out together. They are committed, funny, and enjoy each others' company, even when their lives are a mess.

Guess whose relationship did NOT look like that when she went to see the movie? This girl! I saw this movie with my boyfriend at the time, and afterwards tried to express what they had that we seemed to be missing. He didn't get it.

500 Days of Summer

This gem was the perfect display of a relationship that just wasn't going to work. The two were clearly on different wavelengths and wanted entirely different things out of their lives and each other. Maybe they were having a good time together, but there was no real future there.

Guess whose relationship was basically the exact same thing? This girl! I walked out of that movie feeling deeply sure that my then-boyfriend and I needed to break up, but I wasn't ready to face it yet, so I shoved that feeling down for two more months.

About Time

This is a movie (SPOILER ALERT!) about a guy who can travel through time, and who frequently goes back in time in order to woo the woman of his dreams. When I write that down it sounds creepy, but it is utterly charming in the movie. He also learns a lot of important lessons about love and life and making the most of what's happening along the way.

Yes, it's entirely unfair to expect your boyfriend to travel back in time in order to woo you, but guess who was suddenly hit with the realization that even if he could travel in time, her boyfriend would probably not bother? Even if it meant un-ruining her birthday (for a totally hypothetical example)? This girl!

Plus, I tried to engage him in a conversation afterwards about what we would do differently with our days if we could time travel, and he was completely unwilling/unable to engage with the concept of re-imagining his day going differently.

Obviously, these relationships were already bound for disaster, and the movies just made me realize it sooner. So really, I should thank these movies for pointing out to me that I was with the wrong person at the time. And I do!

Thank you, movies. No, really. Thank you.

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