People can be divided into two categories

Those who must go in the water when they are at a lake or ocean, and those who are cool to hang on the beach.

Those who can't stand cilantro, and those who think it is delicious.

Those who wake up when their alarm first goes off and those who lie there and wish they were dead.

Those who can dunk a basketball in one leap from the other side of the court and those who claim this is an impossible request.

Those who collect fossils and those who do not.

Those who run for fun and those who are sane.

Those who drink tea and those who drink lava.

Those who eat breakfast every day and those who are constantly miserable.

Those who put in the effort to decorate their homes and those who pretend they are living in the witness protection program.

Those who love Harry Potter deeply and those who are very confusing to me as a person.

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