How to throw an awesome stag(ette) party

Some stagettes involve going out and drinking, others involve sleep overs and lip sync competitions

This past weekend I co-hosted my (quickly counts in her head) ninth stagette party. Because of this, my friends and I not-so-humbly consider ourselves to be a stagette planning pros, and we are seriously (but not so seriously) considering starting a party planning business where we give you all the ideas and then you do the work, because we don't want to do the work no matter how much you pay us.

That's not true. We would do it for a suitcase so full of money it glows.

So here I offer you my party planning services for FREE.

Here is how you plan the bestest party for your bestest friend.

One: Forget everything you thought you knew about stag(ette)s.

Two: Now remind yourself of the key factor that the whole point of a stag(ette) is for the bride or groom to have a sweet, sweet party.

Three: Ask yourself not what you think would be a sweet, sweet party, but what your FRIEND thinks would be a sweet, sweet party. (Consider this a variation on asking yourself what you can do for your country, à la JFK.)

Four: Ask yourself, your co-planners, and possibly your friend, five thousand questions: do they like surprises? Do they have a particular style or personal flair? What is the theme of the wedding? Do they like bars and drinking and dancing? Do they like quiet times with close friends? Do they like challenges and/or games? Who do they want to invite? What is their favourite drink? What is their favourite dessert? What is their favourite thing to do? Do they have a favourite spot to have fun? Are they active, outdoorsy-types? Are they gamers? Bar stars? Exhibitionists? Quiet? Fancy?

Five: Think about the answers to these questions, and then make those answers into a party.

Five(b): Remember that a good theme goes a long way to make a party go from regular to awesome. Sure, you may be playing poker in a basement all night, but with a bit of decor, a themed playlist, and some sweet smoking jackets, the whole thing feels like an experience. An experience!

Six: Because we live in the age of Instagram, the pressure is on for cool photo ops. There must be cool photo ops. Think about the cool photo ops. Even if your bestie is anti-social media, they probably like having cool photos of themselves with their friends (although what on earth they do with them beyond sharing them on social media, I have no idea.) Consider making gifs. I am currently really into making gifs. Like this one:

Seven: Rest on the seventh day. You are done. Just kidding! Chances are there is now a lot of work to do to actually pull off the party you planned. Get thee to the internet. You know that some overachieving blogger has done everything to perfection and will have additional ideas to make the party extra special.


In one we stayed in and played Mario Party all night. In another we rented hotel rooms and ran around town doing an elaborate series of challenges and dares. In another we did karaoke and went dancing. In another we had a girly sleepover and lip sync competition. In yet another we literally just chilled at the beach for the day. In many we slept over and had cake the next morning. The options are ENDLESS. Well, they aren't quite endless, but they are plentiful.

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