Have you seen this? Donald and Hobbes

If you want to laugh and be terrified and then laugh some more and then be more terrified because it's funny because it's true, then check out Donald and Hobbes on Reddit.

The premise: take a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon and paste Donald Trump's face onto Calvin. Turns out that Calvin, the hyperactive dictator, is the spitting image of Trump. Yikes doesn't even begin to sum it up.

Submitted by Hulihutu

Submitted by Flemtendo2

Submitted by TheAztek

As an aside, can we pause to appreciate the fact that there is a Reddit user named Flemtendo2, which means that there is more than likely someone who already had the name Flemtendo? I'm sure it's a reference to some obscure internet thing, and I don't care. I will assume it's a Nintendo made of phlegm and that more than one person wanted to associate that with their online identity and then I'm going to quietly enjoy that weirdness.

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