Cute! Roundup: Gertie and the DinoKitty, googly eyes, and bowl beds

This week's Cute! Roundup features Gertie making friends with a dinosaur. Now... get ready for a puke-in-your-mouth couple thing: my fellah and I call ourselves DinoKitty because he loves dinosaurs and I love cats, and so this picture is basically the real-life representation of our grossness.

Cute pictures of cats and more!

Other Cute Things:

Turns out hairless cats can be seen as adorable, if you think of them as baby aliens

Someone put googly eyes on this cuttlefish!

Guys... kitty anxiety is a THING! Should we put them on Paxil?

The adorable Channel Island foxes are no longer endangered!

Kiwi bird makes like Lady Gaga and dances in the dark

She outgrew the bowl a long time ago but refuses to sleep anywhere else

The Receptionist Delivers! 
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