Inspiration! Roundup: Just say no to racist dress codes, children against materialism, twelve actual heroes, and puppeteering the Golden Girls

Inspiration! Roundup: Employee revenge against racist dress code, puppet Golden Girls, a child speaks out against materialism, twelve feminist heroes, and the oldest woman in the world recommends we remain single.
This week's "I want to go to there": a tea party with an ELEPHANT? Yes, please!

Employee revenge against racist dress code

June J Rivas' workplace had no dress code - they were simply required to dress in clean and pressed clothing - until she showed up with her hair in a ponytail and then in a headscarf. Then a dress code came in banning "cultural headscarves."

So like any good employee, she followed the exact letter of the law while brilliantly defying its spirit: she dressed in costume as a character from Star Trek, a fast food worker (hair nets are allowed in the dress code, turns out), and X-Men heroine Storm.

Children against materialism

This kid's rant against materialism is incredible.

Secrets to a long life

According to Emma Morano, the world's oldest woman at 116 years old, the secret to a long life is to eat eggs and stay single.

Twelve actual heroes

This list of twelve women who are working to make the world a safe place for women is incredible. From Asieh Amini who is working to end honour killing in Iran to Liya Kebede who is providing education and care to decrease death in childbirth in Ethiopia to Melina Laboucan-Massimo who is fighting for Indigenous rights in Canada, these ladies are incredible!

The Golden Girls are back!

...and they're PUPPETS!

It's kind of incredible to think that a show about four senior women living together in Flordia was a) conceived of, b) pitched, c) green lit, and then d) a huge it, but it was! (Let's pause for a moment to reflect on whether we were more highly evolved in the 80s than we are now...)

Regardless, the ladies are BACK! As a PUPPET SHOW! Sadly, it's a live show, which means that most of us will never get to see it, but if you live in Toronto, you're in luck!

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