Cute! Roundup: Caged Gertie, surprise owls, forced cuddles, and house hippos

This will hopefully be my last reference ever to The Big Move. We decided to give away this old Ikea wire drawer set, and so to make it more enticing, we photographed it with Gertie inside. Turns out, it's a remarkably comfortable cat bed. (Naturally, it's much more comfortable than the actual cat bed we got for her.)

Help is on the way

An adorable surprise

This cat wants snuggles and SNUGGLES IT WILL GET

Does this baby hippo make anyone else think of those cruel House Hippo commercials?

(The commercials were cruel because they make you want house hippos to be real SO BADLY and they aren't and it's just mean. Okay, here, let's just watch it. Get ready to be sad:)

I know. Now you are heartbroken because the house hippo is not real. That voice over at the end talking about how it seemed real but you knew it couldn't be? They didn't take into account the great power of my brain to convince myself that something so sweet and adorable HAS to be real, no matter how implausible.

Canadian PSA advertisers: creating and destroying the dreams of children every single day.

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