Now you don't have to read boring "classic" books

I always intend to read those giant old classic books - I even download some of the free ones onto my Kobo. Then I never, ever read them. Turns out, I just want to be a person who has read classics, not a person who sits down and reads them when they could be reading a feminist essays or sci fi/fantasy novel aimed at teenagers.

So from now on I'll just steal cartoonist John Atkinson's witty summaries and sound really really smart at parties. The key, I believe, is to wait for someone else to mention the book and then write it off with a biting summary.

Example dialogue:

Other person: "I just started reading The Odyssey, it is captivating. I am brilliant for reading and enjoying it."
Me: "Oh, that's just about war vet who takes forever to get home and then kills everyone. PTSD, much?"

(See how I added the PTSD thing, so that it has the flavour of my own personal interpretation?)

See more at John Atkinson's site Wrong Hands.

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