This Roundup is Mental! (Mental Illness Awareness Week)

Photo by Velizar Ivanov.

It's Mental Illness Awareness Week! Here are some of my favourite past posts about mental health to celebrate!

Feeling Better: Why I Wrote This Book

"I wrote down all those practices that had previously saved me. All the things that, last time I had to put myself together, had been the glue that made it stick. I wrote about the healing I had found once, a long time ago."

Do You Need to Be Exceptional?

"A whole person who says, 'I can make the world better in this way,' and then offers up their best can be great. They just are unlikely to put in the life-killing, soul-smothering hours that it takes to be at the top of the pile because their goal isn't the top."

Feeling Insecure About Feeling Better

"Here is one thing I have had trouble articulating so far: how counterintuitively insecure publishing a book about learning to like yourself can make you feel. If there was ever a time I needed to read a book like Feeling Better, it's while publishing the book Feeling Better."

You Say 'Let's Talk' About Depression and Mental Health? Cool, Then Let's Get Into It

"The first and most important thing everyone should be doing to remove the stigma of mental illness is to start being more honest about our own lives. Nobody is going to feel comfortable sharing their dark underbelly if you are pretending yours is not only scrubbed clean but made out of some super dirt-repelling magical skin of purity."

And of course, my journey with antidepressants, from trying something new and going on them for the first time, to the 6-month check-in, to preparing to go off them and finally experiencing life on the other side.

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