It's Spoooooky: Scary Stuff Roundup

A creepy looking house that may be haunted. It's big, white, sitting in a foggy mist, with a few lights on at night.
Photo by Jan Jakob Nanista.

I've always wanted to create a haunted house for adults that is full of the real scary stuff from everyday life.

It would include:

The spine-chilling realization that the only way to get an education is to go into buckets of debt and then knowing you are incredibly unlikely to get a job on the other side!

Owning a home and hearing skittering in the walls. Is it a GHOST??? NO! WORSE! Mice. And YOU are the adult and YOU have to deal with them.

The harrowing moment when your landlord sends a notice saying they are bringing a realtor by to look at the place. The chill in your spine tells you... you are going to have to look for somewhere new to live and rents have DOUBLED since you last moved.

A GIF of a man screaming in a horror movie.

Walking down the street, you suddenly realize that there is a smiling person approaching you. Do you know them from college? Then, it dawns on you and your blood runs cold: they are holding... a CLIPBOARD! You are not sure if they are human or robot, but you do know they are programmed to use social engineering to trap you in a conversation until you buy your freedom back with $20 a month. It's basically modern kidnapping.

Look in your fridge, if you dare -- that hummus. It's been sitting there for... a while. Is it... bad? Or maybe it's okay still? The texture of the surface has changed but is it... YOU CANNOT KNOW, but if you throw it out you are a bad and wasteful person and if you eat it your good deed may be punished!

GIF of a man peaking over a counter, looking around scared. On either side of him on the counter are skulls with lights in their eyes. It is an old, black and white horror movie.

The knowledge that your body and mind will slowly... evvvvvvver so slowwwwwly... dry up, break down, and restrict your life until your loved ones (if you even HAVE any) have to fight a giant, bureaucratic health care system to make sure you are taken care of. It's like a zombie movie and a final boss, all in one except the final boss NEVER DIES. It just watches while you do.

Remember how you used to be able to run track, fall down, twist your knee, and not feel anything and now you stub your toe and feel it for days? IT'S HAPPENING!

Climate change.

A GIF of the text "you will have nightmares forever", the text is bouncing around slowly

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