Learning! Roundup: Sleepless in Any City, Breaking Up, Happy Baby Futures, and More!

A blonde woman lying in bed, awake, looking at the camera
Photo by Kinga Cichewicz.

Sleepless in Any City

Some people are able to sleep as little as 4.5 hours and still feel fully rested. It's legit, and all thanks to a genetic mutation. I hope these people use their powers for good.

Breaking Up

This one is both surprising and pretty obvious: people think of breaking up more when they get emotional support from outside of their relationship. It's obvious because your partner should be a source of emotional support. It's a bit surprising, because a relationship where you only rely on your partner for emotional support seems unhealthy. Alas!

Happy Baby, Happy Future

This will comfort you if you have a happy baby: happier babies turn out to have higher IQs and are more likely to graduate from college.

All the Feels

The patriarchy may put men in power, but it also holds them back. Like forcing them to live an emotionally dead existence to avoid the terror of appearing feminine. Over recent years men have begun to learn that talking about their emotions is a good thing, but they still feel like they are socially punished for doing so.

All the Single Ladies (& Dudes)

It's pretty well-known that being single is better than being in a bad relationship, but now science has shown that singledom is also better than being in a relationship that's only okay.

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