Inspiration! Roundup: Life Lessons, Being Where You Are, Knowing it All, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": an artistically-hidden identity.
Photo by Anton Shakirov.

Life Lessons

I truly appreciate this list of life lessons.

Where You Are

“You can get to where you want to be from wherever you are—but you must stop spending so much time noticing and talking about what you do not like about where you are.”
― Esther Hicks

Do You Know it All?

I can sometimes be a bit of a know-it-all. I know it's not my finest quality. That's why I appreciate this advice on how to reign in that know-it-all-ness and save it for the times it really matters. Like all the times I really DO know it all!

Pop-Up Castle

This is just fun.

Cloud Wall

This wall of clouds reminds me of a friend who has a gallery wall in her living room full of floral images. Now that I've seen themed gallery walls work this well in two contexts, I am REALLY digging on the concept!

Jeff Bridges

Did you know that Jeff Bridges has a PERSONAL WEBSITE that is basically the same as the personal websites my friends and I made in the 90s? (Except that his has, like, really good photography on it and stuff.)


Three artists have gotten together to create this stunning series of twelve sculptures.

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