Singalong! Capsized by Sarah Harmer

I have to confess, I have been getting really into singing along with some pretty bummer songs lately, but it's not because of my own bummed feelings. This one I used to listen to a lot in university when I was deeply depressed. Now, I am learning how to plunk it out on the piano and enjoying the vicarious emotion.

by Sarah Harmer

When I heard about the coming day
Wish I could wake up from the dream
In it I see a family photographed
And there you are, tucked in the scene

And there's a jealous net inside my chest
There's a hurt and sadness there
Maybe I'd tell you all about it
If I thought you'd care

Heavy heart gets lighter by your side
But there are thoughts I'd wish I'd heard
If they ask you how I'm holding up
Say I'm holding out for the worst

What's the sense in being so sensitive?
Can I trade this thin skin for a shell?
There are some things I've got no feeling about
But there are some things I can't tell

Heavy heart get lighter by yourself
It's been so long since you capsized
And you've been lying out there in the sun
Has it begun? Has it begun?

Heavy heart, have you heard?
That I could use the words

Sing along with Sarah Harmer's Capsized - lyrics included!
Photo by hobvias sudoneighm.

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