This Week in Church: Sharing, Rationalism, and Feeling Attacked.

Welcome to the series wherein I share my take-aways from church. The things that, I think, are beneficial to all of us to know or think about, whether or not we believe in any church-related things.

I think that church can teach things that are beneficial to everyone, whether or not we believe in church-related things.

This week in church we talked about sharing.

In the very earliest community of believers in Christ the followers would share all their stuff. Some people sold their belongings and allowed the money to be distributed among the group while others simply said, "what's mind is yours" and shared everything.

My first thought in reading this? A combination of, "this sounds like a utopia" and "but they will run out of stuff, and then what? It doesn't seem like anyone really has a job."

So that's interesting.

Regardless, it's very cool that there is an example of community that was truly invested in there being no poor among them and sharing all they had.

This week in church we talked about rationalistic belief vs. wonder.

Being rational is good and valuable and important and has helped us figure a lot of stuff out. But if it is at the expense of wonder in our lives, there is a problem.

This week in church we talked about not feeling attacked.

Sometimes, we read something in the Bible suggesting we should be living in one particular way, but we're not. (Sometimes, this happens in non-church settings as well.) Reactions often range between dismissal, justification, and/or feeling terribly guilty and acting based on guilt.

What about just seeing a beautiful example of something wonderful and leaving it at that?

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