We need a slogan for 2018!

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Ten years ago, on the eve of 2008, a friend of mine decided that we were going to be great in 08. She would say it all the time: "GREAT in OH 8!"

I want a slogan for 2018, but it's harder to come up with a relevant rhyme. Here are some options:

Keep it clean in 2018!

Stay clean in 2018! (Slightly different meaning.)

Don't be mean in 2018!

Eat your beans in 2018!

Live green in 2018!

Turn off the screen in 2018!

Stay keen in 2018!

Swing the tambourine in 2018!

Be a queen in 2018!

Wear your jeans in 2018! (Or maybe "No more jeans in 2018!", depending on how you feel about jeans?)

Make a scene in 2018!

Don't drink kerosene in 2018!

Where you been? It's 2018!

Don't demean in 2018!

Visit the latrine in 2018!

Eat protein in 2018!

Stop using gasoline in 2018!

Wear sunscreen in 2018!

The world's a smokescreen in 2018!

Stay unseen in 2018! (We could direct this one towards certain world leaders.)

Don't fall in a ravine in 2018!

Evergreen in 2018!

Hug wolverine in 2018!

Invent a time machine in 2018!

Regress towards the mean in 2018!

Move to a submarine for 2018!

What do you think? What will be your slogan for the coming year?

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