Inspiration! Roundup: The new Harry Potter, teen experts, headless armies, and more!

This Week's "I want to go to there": Christmas is over. Send summer.
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The New Harry Potter

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE BOTNIK STUDIOS HARRY POTTER BOOK???? This is one of the best things ever made, guaranteed. They fed a bot all the Harry Potter books and then had it write its own story. The result is a hilarious turd spun from the finest gold. According to my partner, who knows about computer things, a big issue with these bots is that they can only remember about three words at a time and don't tend to have a grasp of overall plot, so that's where all this brilliance comes from.

Teen Experts

This collection of advice from teen experts is both inspiring and terrifying. There's a kid in there who invested $1,000 in bitcoin when it still only cost $10 a unit, someone who cooks with a blowtorch, and another who presents a Maya Angelou quote as if it's a standard marketing wisdom.

"I value my time, and I value where I put my energy. If I’m stuck and complacent — and I hate being complacent — then I’ll switch it up. Saying no is taboo, at least for high schoolers, but I’ve just been learning how to say no to things, and that’s been keeping me sane."
-Larissa Lim

Giuseppe Pepe's Headless Army

I am quite taken by Giuseppe Pepe's photograph collection of headless people.

Japanese School Girls at School

Thanks to anime and the generally weird sexualization we have around the concept of a "school girl", Japanese school girls are a highly stereotyped group. This collection of photos of girls going to school in Japan is beautiful for its stereotype-free exploration of their world. Also, it seems to capture the malaise of high school life perfectly.

Just Give Us Real Chronology!

This is a really sad story about what can get lost in the Facebook/Twitter/Insta algorithms. I have always reset my feed to "Most Recent" and get supremely annoyed that this is not even a true reverse chronology. I don't know what this post is supposed to inspire... Maybe those of us who care about this can all tell our overlords what we want? Or invent something newer and better?

Testing Experiences

"The only way to have the experience is to have the experience.

Not by looking at the experience.

By having it."

-Seth Godin

The Oldest Drag Bar

Next time any of us go to Portland, we MUST go to Darcelle XV, a club that may be the first drag club in America. Still going! Still headlined by the queen who started it all!

Add Pancakes

Have you seen ADD Pancakes on Instagram? It's a stack of pancakes with ADD, fun facts, and positive affirmations. It's just plain fun.

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