Learning! Roundup: The real danger of hate speech, leadership signalling, raising a feminist son, and more!

Photo by Jason Rosewell.

The Real Danger of Hate Speech

New research out of Poland shows that hate speech really does have a negative effect: the more people hear it, the more desensitized they become to it AND the more it subtly shapes their prejudices. So... yeah, it's really bad.

Leadership Signalling

A study looked at the body language of project leaders so that the rest of us can copy them and sneak our way to the top.

How to Raise a Feminist Son

Are you raising a little human? Are they male? Do you want them to consider women to be equal to them? Here are some tips on how to get there.

Protecting Black Girls

This is focused on America, but what do the rest of us want to bet our countries could use this help as well? There is a perception trap when it comes to black girls: they are seen as more mature than their white counterparts and considered sexually mature as young as 5. This leads to a host of prejudice, as you can imagine. The moral of the story is that black girls need to be protected from everyone else's insane perception bias!

What's a Coma Like?

Do you know anyone who's been in a coma? I don't! Here is a fascinating conversation with a woman who was in an induced coma. She discusses the way her priorities changed after and some of the dreams she had during.


The latin name for the common lizard is Zootoca vivipara, literally meaning "live birth". Most lizards do give birth to their babies, but some re-evolved to lay eggs. Crazy!

Anti-Vaxxer Values

People who are hesitant to get vaccines are probably higher in values of purity and liberty than the rest of us. This makes a world of sense given the whole online wellness-o-sphere's emphasis on both of those things, and means that if you are going to argue with an anti-vaxxer, you should base your statements on these values.

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