Here's some bummer news for Christmas Eve

Ready for your Christmas bummer? While you're hanging out with family, eating and drinking more than you should, much of what you are enjoying was manufactured, packaged, harvested, or delivered by low-wage workers who are being taken advantage of.

For one example, Christmas tree cutters in North Carolina are taken advantage of in an extreme way, including having their wages stolen and fearing terrible injury on the job.

I know it's easier to pretend we don't know these things so that we can enjoy the gluttony and consumerism without any bad feelings, but I say, let's all let ourselves feel a little guilty. We are a part of a system that exploits a lot of people. There should be a little inner turmoil there.

(We should also DEFINITELY do something about it, and guess what's not going to help us do something about it? Pretending the problem doesn't exist. Feel the icky feelings, and then look up at least one thing you can do to help with whatever thing makes you feel the ickiest.)

(If this really bums you out, maybe this hilarious and accurate pin will speak to you.)


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