Inspiration! Roundup: Mission accepted, what is love?, being pro, Alma Haser's puzzling twins, and more!

This Week's "I want to go to there": ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS!
Photo by Tom Rickhuss.

In the Long Run

"In the long run, all we need to do is divide our total costs by the total number of units we made. But in the long run, we're all dead. In the short run, the cost depends on what sort of decision we're trying to make."
-Seth Godin

I don't know why, but lately I love quotes and things that remind us all that in the long run, we all die. It's a good reminder to chill a bit.

Mission Accepted

I am a major believer in the importance of having a mission, or purpose or calling, to life. I think that having something bigger and better that our life is aiming towards gives us overall direction, hope when things get hard, and helps us create value in the world. Here's a lovely video on finding your mission.

To Love Is...

Tumblr comic artist @rubyetc is generally pretty great. Her comic about love is, well, lovely.

We Are Pros

We’re all pros already.
1) We show up every day
2) We show up no matter what
3) We stay on the job all day
4) We are committed over the long haul
5) The stakes for us are high and real
6) We accept remuneration for our labor
7) We do not overidentify with our jobs
8) We master the technique of our jobs
9) We have a sense of humor about our jobs
10) We receive praise or blame in the real world
― Steven Pressfield

Puzzling Twins

Artist Alma Haser is very interested in twins. Her latest art collection combines photos of twins and makes them into a puzzle. Very cool.

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We Read Too

Speaking of mission, it is always awesome to learn about someone who saw a need and realized that they were the one to step up and fill it. Like Kaya Thomas, who combined her new interest in computer programming with her desire for a more diverse reading list and created the app We Read Too.

Time Capsule

Last week I was into Cyborg Jesus. This week? Time Capsule Jesus. Or, more accurately, Time Capsule Jesus' Butt. A 1777 Spanish priest wanted to preserve a note about his life, so he stuck it in the butt of a wooden Jesus statue that was recently discovered while restoration work was being done on the statue. Creative thinking for the win!

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