Life is better...

Photo by Alessia Lin.

Life is better...

When I have been well-rested.
When there is space to breathe and reflect.
When I am surrounded by friends.
When my cat repositions herself on my lap and burrows into me.
When I am in the arms of my beloved.
When the food at my disposal is delicious.
When family is present and accounted for and we're just hanging out.
When the food at my disposal is both delicious and healthy and I didn’t have to make it.
When my house is clean.
When my house has people in it.
When I am holding a baby.
When I am not worried about money.
When nature is present and accounted for.
When everyone’s bodies are working the way that they should.
When there is little to no direct pain.
When I get to create the things that pop into my brain.
When I don't have to try to remember the random things that pop into my brain.
When my work matters.

I have been feeling a bit stuck lately and I don't know. Reflecting on the stuckness hasn't helped, so I thought instead I'd focus on the things that make life better and see where that takes me.

When is life better for you?

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