Notes on the sweetness of free time

Over the past several years I have been trying to become a person who has more down time in their life. In the past year I have made actual headway in this regard, and have experienced whole evenings where I go home and have NOTHING planned or on my to do list. It is amazing!

If you have never experienced the freedom of leaving work without a million other projects on your mind that need attention and action, then I highly recommend giving it a try.

Here are some of the things I now do instead of working all the time:

Read books! I have time to read books way more often now. Reading books is wonderful.

Have conversations with my partner and cuddle with him, not out of desperate need to recharge my depleted soul, but because it's nice.

Read more.

Write. My writing is no longer crammed into the little writing times I carved out in my days. I get to write sometimes just because I feel like it.

Go for walks. Anywhere!

Walk to the library to get books to read.

Tidy my home at a leisurely, non-frantic pace.

Be spontaneous.

Do yoga and stretch.

Make tea.

Lie on the ground and breathe.

Sit outside and read.

Go to sleep and get something resembling "enough" sleep.

Play board games.

Think about life and goals and big picture junk, giving them the actual time and space to form into something interesting.

Make things just because I feel like it.

What do you do in your "I don't work all the time" time? What would you do if you had this time in your life?

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