Women and their cats: a collection of paintings

My recent post about a cat whose fur betrayed the crimes of her owner opened me up to a whole new world: old paintings of women with cats.

There are so many! I love them all! If I lived on my own I would immediately get prints and create a gallery wall, but I do not, so instead I will be satisfied to share them with you on the internet.

Woman holding cat by B. Grigoriev. CC.

Woman with a cat by Bacchiacca. CC.

Young woman holding a cat by Gwen John. CC.

Peasant woman with cat by David Rijckaert III. CC.

Portrait of Cleophea Krieg von Bellikon. CC.

In the boudoir by L. Rossi Roma. CC.

Portrait of a woman by Ilhe. CC.

Woman with cat by Auguste Renoir. CC.

Woman with cat by Lilla Cabot Perry. CC.

Portrait of a young woman with cat and bird by Nattier. CC.

Ballerina with a black cat by Carrier Belles Pierre. CC.

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