Learning! Roundup: Art at work, day vs. night injuries, killer robots save lives, and more!

Art at Work

Want to be more creative in the office? Look at some art. It is, apparently, as simple as that. Exposure to art, in the case of this study, both Vincent Van Gogh paintings and Bob Dylan lyrics, increased peoples' creative thinking on work-related problems.

Day vs. Night Injuries

You wouldn't think that what time of day you got injured matters, but apparently daytime injuries heal faster than nighttime injuries. Like, twice as fast. Weird.

Killer Robots Save Lives

If you want to write a dystopian future, starting with autonomous killer robots created by humans seems like a good beginning. However, just like driverless cars will have less accidents than human-driven vehicles, robots that identify and eliminate targets without human intervention will, apparently, make less mistakes and save lives. I still don't like it, but then, I am a pacifist who thinks we should all just stop killing each other, so what do I know?

Shark Eggs

Shark eggs are translucent. Look at this beauty.

Posted by ChazeDoge on Reddit.

How Much Do You Think You Exercise?

Here's another one from the "power of the mind" series: people who think they exercise less than their peers will die earlier, regardless of how much they actually do exercise. That's right. The benefits of exercise on your health can be eclipsed by how much you believe you are exercising.

Too Smart to Lead?

Intelligence helps you become a better leader, up until a point. Once you get too smart, then your brains actually hinder your ability to be a good leader.

Feeling Stressed?

It's been a stressful year. I think I read somewhere (although this is completely unsubstantiated) that this year everyone, regardless of political affiliation, is feeling higher anxiety than normal. No surprise there. Here's advice from 11 therapists on how to deal with all that stress.

Organic Disasters

As much as it might sound like a good idea, if people started eating only organic, the environment would be in trouble thanks to the increase in land use required to farm organically.

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