Inspiration! Roundup: Preschoolers' pockets, Björk on Björk, design advice for living, and more!

This Week's "I want to go to there": Yeah, okay. Breathing is good.
Photo by Tim Goedhart.

Pop Up Book

Artist Kelli Anderson has brought new meaning to the pop up book. Also, interactivity in books. She's done it all!

Preschoolers' Pockets

This simple and magical photo series by Melissa Kaseman looks at the things she finds in her preschool-aged child's pockets. It's so sweet.

Melissa Kaseman. Via Huffington Post.

Björk on Björk

Uggggghhhhh, Björk is just so COOL! I didn't think it was possible to have more of a crush on her, and then I read her interviewing herself for W Magazine.

"it’s a pro-life statement to make things. but i also have strong feelings about not working too much, i find workaholism really anti fertile. for example in my work with scandinavian schools with biophilia it is very apparent that short schooldays and a lot of free time inspires the imagination most and not only makes the kids happier but also they make more original things in the end. i’ve seen how the working until midnight in the biggest cities is really destructive of families. and you aren’t coming up with any new ideas but just repeating old stuff on a loop."

Nap Time Photo Series

I am so in love with artist Csilla Klenyànszki's photographs! (Allegedly, she created many of her photos while her child was napping. I love it.)

Advice for Designers/Life

"The greatest output of your career will be relationships."
-Cameron Moll

Read his 10 Things I Wish Every Design Student Knew for more advice for designers that you could probably transplant onto your life.

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