Learning! Roundup: The deactivation effect, uterus implants, 100 years for equality, and more!

The Deactivation Effect

It looks like 15 minutes of solitude, without any devices to distract us, is really good for our emotional health. How pleasant that it only takes an easy-to-swallow 15 minutes! Just enough time for a nice, chilled beverage.

Uterus Implants

The time has come! Thanks to new uterus transplant technology, transgendered women can get a uterus and have their own BABY! Listen, I don't want to belittle this awesomeness for transgendered women, I just also can't help but think of Arnold Schwarzenneger.

Equality in 100 Years

New research shows that women won't have equality for 100 more years. Cool cool, coolcoolcool. Cool. Yep. That's fine. Oh, and issues like the wage gap have gotten WORSE in the past 10 years. Grrrreeeeaaaat.

Bias at Work

Speaking of equality, a new study had male and female workers wear sensors and tracked their actions. It found that the women acted the same as the men (networked, reached out to higher-ranking managers, etc.), but that they were treated differently. Coolcoolcool.

Social Dominance and the Environment

There is a host of research on social dominance and the relationship between people's beliefs in social dominance and their -isms (racism, sexism, etc.). Now research is coming out to examine social dominance and the environment as well. It turns out that socially dominant people are less likely to support environmental behaviour, unless it's framed through their own interests.

White People Rapping

Ta-Nehisi Coates is always brilliant. If you are a white person and curious about whether or not you can or should say the n-word when rapping along with rappers that use it, he has the best answer for you. (The one word answer is no, but if you want more than that, watch the video below or here.)

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