Learning! Roundup: Racial stereotypes in medicine, floating food, dino death, and more!

Photo by Piron Guillaume.

Racial Stereotypes in Medicine

Medical students and doctors often still believe racial stereotypes, for example, that black people don't feel pain as acutely as white people. Turns out there is even a nursing textbook that lays out the different pain experiences by race. Yikes.

Floating Food

Researchers are on their way to creating a world where restaurants float your food from the kitchen to your mouth. Okay, that's a huge overstatement. They ARE, however, able to use sound waves to transport flavours into people's mouths. Weird!

Dino Death

How did the dinosaurs die? An asteroid, right? Except that nobody knew exactly what that asteroid did to kill the dinosaurs. Did it create a giant tsunami? Was it the force of the blast? Geophysicists have come forward with pretty strong evidence to say that the asteroid raised particle gases that created a global winter and killed everything.

Orangutan Cousins

There has been a member of the orangutan family that slipped under the radar for years. Somehow, we never figured out that there is a third species of orangutans until just now. They live in a forest in Sumatra, and there are only 800 of them left.

Malaria Mosquitoes

Here's some great news: if a mosquito has the malaria parasite, it will be even more likely to bite you than if it doesn't. Thanks a lot, malaria.

The Healing Effects of Oxygen

Breathing pure oxygen may help heal a concussion, even years after the injury.

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