Cat ladies BEWARE! Your cat may betray your crimes!

Bacchiacca - Portrait of a young lady holding a cat

Here's a headline:

Cat Hair Leads FBI to Woman Who Allegedly Sent a Bomb to Obama.

First of all, how did I only just realize that Obama has the word "bomb" in his name? (I mean aurally, obviously it's not spelled the same.) I hope he had a lot of fun in university making jokes about how he's "the-BOMB-a!" or dropping mics because he just dropped an "O-BOMB-a" truth in their lives.

Second, this is an important lesson to all my fellow cat ladies out there: if you want to commit a crime, your cat might give you away. I know, I know. Your cat would never betray you like that. Except that this lady's DID! We may have gotten used to having cat hair on everything, but this is a good reminder that other people aren't, and that said cat hair may be evidence against us.

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