Inspiration! Roundup: DIY painting, political lamps, Duy Huynh art, and more!

This Week's "I want to go to there":
I wish this was a building I could live in.
Photo by Jason Leung

DIY Painting

I love that artist Chuck Boyce learned to paint by just doing it, and taught himself as he went. Makes me feel like I can keep trying new things.

Political Lamp

This is both brilliant and terrifying. A lamp that reacts in real time to tweets from Donald Trump, and other political events on Twitter. I don't know if it's good for our mental health to get an instant look at the state of the world, but it's pretty incredible that it's possible.

Old Book Porn

As any book nerd will tell you, there is little more evocative to look at, hold, or smell, than an old book. Old books! They are ALL magical in one way or another. This is why Kerry Mansfield's series Expired is so glorious to behold. She lovingly photographs library books that have been withdrawn from circulation because they were loved to death.

Jane Goodall

There's a new documentary out about Jane Goodall and her early work. She is incredible. Here is an article talking to her about the documentary, her work, and her mission to save the world.

Duy Huynh Art

I have fallen thoroughly in love with Duy Huyn's artwork. Want to be in love together? Look at it! Look!

Find Your Mission

Speaking of missions to save the world, I love this video about finding your own mission.

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