Inspiration! Roundup: Progress, Amber Ma's illustrations, cyborg Jesus, and more!

This Week's "I want to go to there": I've been sick for the past two days, and the idea of
having enough energy to jump with enthusiasm is... exhausting. But I want it!

The Secret Life of Pencils

Who would have thought that in "today's world" (in quotations because, what the heck does that mean?), the pencil would still have relevance? And yet! A new art book titled The Secret Life of Pencils is a portrait series for the pencils of creatives around the world. I love the concept, even if the book might become slightly dull to flip through. (Just like a pencil! Ha! I made a pun.) What everyday thing deserves a little extra attention?


“No one is going to stand up and hand you a plate of progress in life. You must make progress by your own sheer will, discipline, and efforts every day.”
– Brendon Burchard

I like this because you might get handed a plate of opportunity, but if you're going to progress, you've got to actually try a little bit.

Storybook Illustrations

I am so taken with Amber Ma's fantastical illustrations!

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Small Victories

I recently subscribed to the Small Victories newsletter, and it's wonderful! Every week, a roundup of (you guessed it) small victories against the Trump Administration. There are so many of them!

Cyborg Jesus

This image was used in an article about the "Problems and Possibilities of Cybernetics", but something about a cyborg Jesus gets my imagination humming. (Image from Giphy.)

A Better Re-enactment 

You know how some people like to re-enact the Civil War and other battles, basically reliving the fight to hold onto slavery? Yeah. It's weird. Well, artist Dread Scott is doing a different kind of re-enactment: he has raised the funds to re-enact the 1811 German Coast Revolt, also known as the largest slave revolt in North American history.

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