Random body parts I have obsessed over

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The skin around my eyes. (I have always had dark circles under my eyes, and then started worrying about aging very young. I have been gently patting cream, and now skin oil, around my eyes since I was 12.)

My left pinky toe. (It is swollen because it got stomped on in a mosh pit in high school and probably broke but I never did anything about it. Also it always has a massive hangnail and no matter how middling my efforts to fix it, I just can't.)

My right knee. (It has a large lump on it thanks to osgood-schlatter's.)

My hands. (I think that the tendons and veins in my hands stick out too much. Since I was young I thought I had scary old lady hands.)

My hair. (Is that really a body part? I have curly hair and it gets frizzy so easily and I have a routine that was carved in stone and blessed with blood to keep it at bay, but I have to be SO CAREFUL, especially if it's raining. Also, every once in a while I wonder if I should dye it magenta or if I'd look like a deranged clown.)

My finger nails. (They get all pitted very easily, but if I dutifully rub a nice oil into them every day they stay relatively smooth and nice and also break less easily.)

My upper lip. (I have "peach fuzz" up there that needs to get bleached every once in a while. Honestly, I should obsess over this area more. What actually happens is that one day I look in the mirror and suddenly have a Tom Selleck and of course that's a day that I'm out all day and can't do anything about it for hours, and then I forget by the time I get home, which probably means it wasn't QUITE so prominent as a Tom Selleck, but it's still there.)

Where do you zero in on your body?

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