This Week's Gratitude & Delight

An animated gif illustration. There is a black background and a white speech bubble with the text "thank you" inside it that blinks on and off. Around the speech bubble are two white stars that wiggle back and forth.
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This week I have been grateful for: 

A call with a friend I haven't spoken with for a while because it felt so good to reconnect!

I got to see my soulmate-bestie IN PERSON for the first time in ages and wow just sitting on opposite sides of a bench with her is amazing because we are truly meant to be.

A week of almost entirely sunny weather because it made me feel light and free and I was able to go for walks, sit outside, take photos, and otherwise enjoy myself.

My dad got his vaccine!!! Because now most of my immediate family is protected from COVID and that feels like such a relief and I also know that we are that much closer to eliminating this stupid virus with every single vaccine given.

I had a day where I thought I looked super-duper cute all dang day because it's nice to feel like you look nice.

This week's delights:
- I found a glass with palm trees on it at the thrift store and yowza, I'm in love.
- Is it weird that I delighted myself? I made some TikToks and almost no one watched them but I found them delightful, including doing reviews of clouds and also singing about the covid vaccine.
- A gif of a dolphin playing the piano.

An animated gif with a white dolphin floating in space, playing a miniature piano that is in its "lap"

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