Imagine How Your New Life Will Change Your Daily Routines

Trying to make a decision about a job or home or other future-impacting thing?

For her, it clarified that she shouldn't take a steady job because her morning routine would revolve around getting to the office and sitting at a desk, which she hates. Instead, she opted for creating her own business that involved literally travelling the world in a van.

So! As you ponder your life change, ask yourself: what would your day-to-day look like if you went back to school? Took the new job? Ran for office? Moved to a new home or country? Do you like that picture?
How would your morning routine unfold? What would you do for lunch? What would happen in the evenings? What time would you go to bed?

It can really clarify things.

AND THEN, here's my mix-it-up question: if there's something in particular you love about that new routine, can you get that without making that big change? Can you bring that joy or refreshment into your life as it is?

Not that you shouldn't make a change, but give yourself a full picture of what your life is and could be without moving or quitting your job as well.

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