Feel How You Feel Just Feel it While You Get Stabbed with a Vaccine

I've been seeing a lot of articles pop up lately with headlines like, "Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine."

Here's my version: feel however you feel about it, just get the vaccine as soon as you're allowed in your region.

By now you probably know the reasons why: the shot is how we protect others and speed towards the end of this ponderosa. Delaying yours doesn't guarantee that someone "more deserving" will get it, and while wasted vaccines are less of a concern now than before, you still achieve nothing by waiting.
Don't do anything sneaky to jump the queue, but do make sure that if you accept that invitation to a vaccination as soon as it's offered

If you feel guilty, though? Whatever. Your guilty feelings are probably part of what make you a good person: your natural inclination is to step back and let others through the door first. That's great! But in this case, you just have to feel that feeling WHILE someone is stabbing you in the arm. Mmmmmkay?

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